Fire Place and Its Latest Installation Techniques

Fire Place and Its Latest Installation Techniques

Fireplaces are something which make your home more appealing, but if you have moved  into a place that already has a fire place that has already been used, the present state of your  fireplace might not make you feel happy. The materials will change over time and the  particular fireplace might start to show wear and tear as the days go by with soot and stains  and even the broken stone and bricks.

As the weather is much warmer and your fireplace is not being used, a complete makeover  is needed and the look of a new fireplace will surely make the family gather round together.  There are some basic features of fireplace contraction which are as follows :

  • Removal of the mantel if it is not built in
  • Using a crowbar to pry it off
  • Clean the brick or stone with mild cleaner and stiff brush
  • Conglomeration of some thin set mortar does add the latex and preservative in shield of the new outside layer from heat
  • The mortar is the consistency of peanut butter and it is ready to be applied to the brick
  • What you need to do is let it dry for 24 hours before applying a wet coat and then proceed to hold fast the latest materials. You would definitely want to use heat resistant grout as it has been said by fireplace specialists Liverpool

If you want to reface a brick fireplace, it is usually very attractive and undemanding and you can connect stone panels over the existing brick. These sections also weigh less. If it is done with stone it adds extra warmth that an individual desires for the winter season and it also enhances the natural beauty of the room and you can choose the colour and synchronize with the rest of your decor.

Using the tiles over an old brick fireplace provides you lots of accolades to your decor. The tiles vary in size and you can use smaller tiles in the same colour for a multi-coloured look or using larger tiles of the same blush providing a modernised along with a finished and sleek look.

If you are in need of granite tiles, it is sure to provide the extra touch of durability that an individual is looking for.